It is never too early to begin college planning. 
Here is an overview of what an hourly consult would include for Freshmen and Sophomores

  • Discussion of transition into the high school setting. How does it feel? Struggles and successes
  • Find out what endorsement they have chosen. (This is new for the class of 2018 and beyond) 
  • Talk about future thoughts on honors courses, AP or IB level courses. Discuss future dual credit classes. Suggest a four year plan – that could be altered – but that gives a roadmap of where you are going. Discussion of foreign language credits and minimums required by most universities.
  • Discussion of interests and extracurriculars they anticipate joining. Explanation of keeping a current list going of what these clubs and time commitments are. Explanation of how colleges will view these interests in overall application review. Suggestion of clubs or activities if necessary.
  • Explanation of how GPA is calculated. What the current law requires high schools/colleges to do re: rank. Discussion of how allowing GPA to tank freshman year results in a more difficult recovery than most realize.
  • Plant ideas of summer “looks” at various colleges through interest or sports camps. Discuss what “career camps” are. (IE – I want to be a doctor someday camp or I want to be a marine biologist camp)
  • Discussion of how students handle standardized testing. Timeline of how that testing will play out will be presented.
  • Discussion of aptitude assessments. How can you benefit from it. 
  • Finally a plea to utilize Naviance – the college planning tool used by most Texas ISD’s. Naviance has links to every college in the nation and shows interesting data on how many from your high school were admitted and to where.