One on One hourly consultations     $100

If you are a current senior, and a new family to Path to Admissions AND are contacting in the fall of your senior year - we have a special program for you! See Don't Panic! above.

Aptitude Assessment - $125

Path to Admissions offers aptitude assessment for all students. If you are enrolled in the individual student program this feature is included. If your family would like to add the assessment to the small group workshop program or just as a stand alone option we are happy to work with you. Our fee includes the assessment and a meeting with you to discuss the results. The assessment is an online program administered through YouScience. This is an online assessment developed and used by schools throughout the U.S. Measuring 14 key aptitudes, your student's strengths and weaknesses will be discussed and connections made to possible careers that would be a good fit for them to consider. This is a great starting point for career and major discussions.

Clients who have already been seen at least once can utilize an hour to explore topics such as:

  • application questions specific to your senior
  • highly competitive scholarship opportunities
  •  explanations of alternative admission offers
  • discussion of financial aid packages
  • discussion of final selection of schools
  • help with dorm selection or Greek housing on campus
  • career research or if already in school, a major change
  • how to transfer schools
  • freshman transition issues

If your questions require significant time and research prior to the meeting, or if you are looking to develop a specific school list a personalized consultation will be suggested.

If you are needing essay review and help we do offer this service separately.

Most face to face consultations will be at either the Barnes and Noble cafe in the Austin Arboretum area OR the Barnes and Noble cafe at Lakeline (183/620). Alternate arrangements can be made, but all meetings will be in the Central and Northwest part of Austin/Cedar Park area.

If you are a family who lives outside these boundaries, PTA is happy to consult with you using today's technology for distance meetings. Facetime and GoToMeeting are often used. We have many clients throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

First time clients will meet either with Kendall Guess or Lisa Maas. Initial consults cover how the Path to Admission program(s) work, discussion of aptitude testing and career exploration, discussion of what is in a college application and if the student would be competitive at the schools of their choosing.