Path to Admissions recognizes that many families and students benefit from individual attention and focus. This program works with the family and student to identify up to 6-8 schools where the student will apply. We will "stay with" your family through the entire process of selection, application and follow through on continuing communication with the schools of choice. This individualized program is offered face to face if the student/family lives in the Northwest or Central part of Austin. We are happy to offer this program as a distance program to any student and family that lives outside these boundaries.  We have a LIMITED number of students that we accept to the roster so that all students can have the time they need.

  • Guidance will be given on all application portals for these schools.
  • This program will review essays and discuss essay content with the student.
  • Access to an individual student website for college research and comparison will be given to the family.
  • Access to aptitude assessment through YouScience will be offered. This assessment will not only show the family strengths and weakness of the student but offer suggestions for future majors and careers that can then be explored through the site. 
  • Initial freshman scholarship applications at the 6-8 schools will be included, if your student is eligible for merit based scholarships
  • Discussion of college interviews and if they will be necessary
  • If your student will require an audition (music) or a portfolio (either theatre, art, film) PTA will discuss the components of what will be required. WE DO NOT advise on actual portfolio content - but can refer to whom should review and help the student. Artistic essays will be reviewed, and help in setting up Slideroom will be provided.
  • Information will be provided to parents on financial aid, how to file for Federal Aid and how to file the CSS Profile if your schools require it. 
  • Discussion with the student about honors programs and living-learning communities on campus

Individual student program      $2500

This plan typically begins in the spring of the student's junior year of high school. A great deal of pre-application work will be expected during the summer between junior and senior year. Prior to May of junior year hourly fees for consultations will apply.

Path to Admissions limits the number of students enrolled in this program so that we can provide the service you expect. 

​​Kendall's and Lisa's roster for the class of 2019 is full.  Inquires for the class of 2020 are open. Preference is always given to returning families.

Fine Print: 
If your student wishes to apply to more than 7 universities they are welcome to do that on their own or Path to Admissions will add each additional school at a rate of $200 per application/school. 
Additionally, should a student "no-show" on an appointment, face to face or distance, without any communication the hourly fee of $100 will be billed to either the parent or student as directed.Specific highly competitive scholarships will require extra work sessions outside this global fee and the hourly rate of $100 will apply. Should there be an instance when the parent or student needs to have me research or meet on topics outside the scope of any of usual services the hourly rate of $100 will apply. Types of these topics might be public or private dorm selection, Greek housing information specific to the school, information about new student conferences or other freshman transition issues.