Juniors in High School

This is the year that the student, in addition to undergoing standardized testing, should also be discussing areas of interest and what future schools could best prepare them for their future.

An hourly consult would include:

  • Discussion of possible majors and future employment opportunities
  • Guidance in current high school course selection
  • Discussion of how to develop a large list of schools based on factors such as academics, majors, large vs small campus,and what the student hopes for socially
  • Provide help finding universities offering specific majors or programs
  • Provide timeline of when to schedule college visits
  • Give specific advice about college visits and interviews
  • Discuss when to consider standardized test prep
  • What is the difference in strategy prep vs. tutorial prep?
  • Discuss how often a student should test and why students should test both SAT/ACT
  • Provide insight into what makes a strong college application
  • Define how aptitude assessments can benefit the college selection process
  • Discuss the additional steps necessary if you hope to play athletics in college
  • Discuss (if this is a possibility) the steps necessary for applying to any of the armed forces academies. The application and process should begin during the junior year.
  • Discuss how to make the most of your summers. There are some incredible opportunities at a variety of universities that will both strengthen your application and allow the student to think about a career choices
  • Discuss alternate pathways into two of the most popular universities in Texas (UT and Texas A&M)
  • Provide tips about logging activity information “as you go”

This is the year you should contact us to work with your student! As early as possible in the junior year.