Does your student need help in developing a specific school list to consider? This appointment will will be tailored specifically to your student.  Or we can discuss if schools that the student wants to consider is realistic. This meeting can help organize students so that they stay on track in their applications.  It might also be about specific schools that offer a specific program or major. Many factors are taken into account: 

  • GPA
  • Test scores
  • Rank in class - if known
  • Type of major - if known
  • Location in nation
  • Cost of attendance
  • Size of school or typical size of classes
  • Need for student services at college (ie - your student now uses accommodations in high school)
  • Other factors the student and parent want to include. For example, if the school is private or public, Christian based, liberal arts based, if they are legacy, location to family, international programs

This meeting requires research and preparation that is more extensive than a normal consultation on college admissions or financial aid. Therefore the cost for this meeting reflects the time we need to prepare and present the information to the families. Information will be given that is specific to the student and his/her probabilities of admission. It will cover the general student profile of the various schools and if the school needs something specific in their application (for example - SAT Subject tests or interviews) It will cover specific information on alternate pathways into our local Texas schools if that is desired. 

Students that are contracted with Path to Admissions for our individual, comprehensive plan receive this service as part of the program. 

School specific consultation    $300