​​SENIORS in High School

We have several options for you to consider: 

For seniors in high school a stand alone hourly consult could cover any of these topics:

  1. Discussion of how GPA, scores and rank play into admissions in Texas at at many public universities
  2. Overall review of how college admission works
  3. What is included in an application
  4. Essay prompts for ApplyTexas, the CommonApp and other platform applications
  5. Assessment of what the student needs to do from the meeting until end of application season
  6. Discussion of specific schools if that is provided prior to the meeting.
  7. Review of college financial aid and the differences between merit money and grant aid and loans
  8. Review of the types of admission terms and deadlines (example rolling admission vs early action v regular decision)

Hourly consults can also be used to discuss scholarships, financial aid offers, pros and cons of various major programs. Anything that you have concerns about relating to higher education.

Path to Admissions also offers:

Individual Student-Family Program

Personalized consultation

Essay Editing and review

Aptitude Assessment

Please see each program explanation under the Program and Fees Tab at the top.